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New Arrivals

The new Fish4Dogs Superior range builds on the healthiness of fish with the inclusion of a number of natural, marine nutritional supplements.

Rogz - The World's coolest pet gear, manufactured in South Africa.  You can find a whole collection of Rogz products including rogz collars, rogz leads, rogz harnesses, rogz ID Tagz and Rogz Pupz in all sizes to suit your pet.  Your pet will be spoilt for choice!


SAVIC products show an exceptional quality level, are user-friendly and have a stylish finishing.  It is creative and innovative, which will please not only the pet but especially its owner. SAVIC has a large range of wire cages for small animals and birds, also a wide variety of plastic pet accessories: drinking and feeding bowls, cat and dog carriers, cat litter trays.

Interactive Fun Dog Toys

Chomper toys deliver... Tail waggin' fun!

MenForSan is a natural hygiene products for pets.  Our experience and specialization makes possible the presentation of a catalogue with more than 100 natural cosmetic products and advanced hygienic products for any kind of pets (dogs, cats, birds, rodents, ferrets and horses). The exclusive formulations and the best raw materials used guarantee the stability, effectiveness and useful life of our products. 

Brushing your pet has never been easier ! Limited editions available is size S, M and L. Please kindly approach our friendly staffs at our outlets for more information.

A powerful stain remover with long lasting, 24 hour active odour protection for carpets, upholstery and cars. Ideal for use in areas where pets live, sleep and feed. Killing 99% of bacteria-causing odours, Byotrol keeps on working even when dry. Mildy scented and effective against all organic stains. 

Product to fit you pet's specific needs. All the pieces of your cat's health and happiness will fall into place with our Petlinks System.

Maelson® specializes in functional and stylish premium accessories for dogs and cats. We have a small but fine team of leading product engineers and designers, each with a dedicated passion for their jobs. Our focus is to provide you with smart dog & cat solutions, to make both living at home and travelling with your four legged companions a little easier and more fun.

Pamper your pets with Foole shampoo and lotionSweet Almond to ease brushing.  Green Apple for nourishing & strengthening. Chamomile for puppy and kitten. Mandarin for detangling. And Lotion to help to clean your pet quickly without water and rinsing.

 Cat's Best is a pure nature product, that is produced 100% from renewable plant fiber-raw material without artificial and chemical additives.

 Cat’s Best OKO Plus

Trustie Silica is an inert, non-toxic, ultra absorbent and super economical product that is safe for your cat and the environment. The crystals absorb liquid and moisture from solid waste quickly, preventing bacteria growth! It neutralizes all odour efficiently and effectively.

 Crown Royale Liminator is a specifically formulated enzyme odor digestor for the complete removal of all traces of odor due to contamination by urine, fence and vomitus. Crown Royale Liminator can be used in kennels, on crates, concrete and gravel runs, carpets, etc. Liminator is not a making cover up. Liminator totally digests all traces or urine, feces, vomitus and other protein causing odors including skunk and bitch-in-season odor.

คราวน์ รอยัล ลิมิเนเตอร์ ผลิตภัณฑ์ ขจัดกลิ่นชนิดเข้มข้น สามารถขจัดกลิ่นด้วยสูตรเฉพาะจาก enzyme ธรรมชาติ สูตรเฉพาะของคราวน์ รอยัล ไม่ใช่การกลบกลิ่นเหมือนผลิตภัณฑ์อื่น แต่สามารถสลายกลิ่นได้อย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นกลิ่นจากการขับถ่าย ฉี่ น้ำตา น้ำลาย อาเจียน หรือแม้แต่กลิ่นของตัวเมียขณะเข้าฤดูผสม ปลอดภัยกับทุกพื้นผิว ใช้ได้กับทั้งพื้นไม้ คอนกรีต หิน หนัง พรม ไม่ทำลายเนื้อผ้า หรือเส้นใยธรรมชาติต่าง ๆ ประหยัดเพราะสามารถผสมได้ถึง 50 เท่า

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