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Frequently Asked Questions amidst the Covid-19



Q:    Is the Online Store & delivery service?

A:    Yes, our Online Store & delivery service remains open till further notice.

Q:    Is my Online Order confirmed after checking out my cart?

A:  You will receive an Email Order Confirmation from us. You will then receive a subsequent email from our Customer Service Representative (within 2 Business Days) on the stock status & the final total amount for payment along with the bank details.

Q:  How do I make a payment once the Customer Service Representative has confirmed on the stock availability?

A:    Payment must be made via Online-Bank-Transfer to the bank account as stipulated by our Customer Service Representative in the email. 

Q:    What is the delivery charge for my order? 

A:   Our Customer Service Representative will advise on the final payment & delivery charges for the order. A minimum purchase of THB499 is required to be eligible for Home Delivery. Delivery is free for goods purchased above THB 499 and delivered within Zone A, Zone B, Zone C and Zone D respectively only. Deliveries outside of stated Zone A, Zone B, Zone C and Zone D will be charged according to the prevailing shipment rates. The Home Delivery charges apply fore re-delivery after the first failed delivery. Please check delivery charges click link

Q:    Why am I not receiving the VIP Member price upon checking out?  

A:    You will need to link both your VIP Card with your web account to enjoy the VIP Member’s privileges by updating your card details under Profile. Otherwise, please drop in the following details to our Customer Service Representative via this linkEmail Login, VIP Card No. & Registration Code. We will attend to you to the best we can.

Q:    When will I receive my order after making payment?

A:    Your order will be delivered within 5 – 7 Business days after payment confirmation. 


Q:    Is the Home Delivery service still in operation?

A:    Yes, our Home Delivery service remains open till further notice.

Q:    How do I place a Home Delivery order? 

A:    You may either place an order on our Home Delivery Service Hotline 02 170 7979 from Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm or by speaking to our Retail Assistants at the store to place the order.

Q:    How do I qualify for a Home Delivery order? 

A:    A minimum purchase of 499THB (excludes delivery charges) in a single receipt is required. 

Q:    What is the Home Delivery coverage? 

A:    We use Kerry Logistic for delivery within 4 business days in Thailand.

Q:    How do I make a payment for my Home Delivery order? 

A:    Payment can be made either via Online Bank Transfer and Credit Card (VISA / MASTER CARD) or at our stores. 


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