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Pet Lovers Centre

Home Delivery service is available for in-store purchase only.

i) Store Location: Central Region

Zone A, Zone B , Zone C and Zone DPlease check delivery charges click link

n the case that the customer wants to help carry the goods up to the house or condo of 3 floors or more, the service fee is THB350 

Online Order : Online Bank Transfer and Credit Card (VISA / MASTER CARD)


Stock Status

Delivery Lead Time


Stocks are available for immediate delivery within 3 working days upon receipt of payment.


Stocks are available at our retail stores for delivery within 7 working days upon receipt of payment.


We will check physical stocks availability before confirming your order.


Stocks are on Special Order. We will check our supplier's stock availability before confirming your order.


  • The final delivery date of your order will depend on when the order leaves our warehouse. We endeavour to keep to our stated Delivery Lead Time. However, there may be times where it might take longer due to the item availability and processing time at our warehouse.

      9. Delivery Time Slots & Policy

As we have a fixed delivery routine, we are unable to accede to any particular delivery time request.  We are unable to accede to any particular packing requirements for your delivery.

Additional service such as installation, dismantling or relocation of the purchased product are not available during this period. 

  1. Contact Us

    Monday - Friday

    9:00am - 6:00pm

    Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

    Please Contact Line OA only

    Delivery Hotline: 02-170-7979 

    Line OA: @plcthailand

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